“You did it again. Taking an idea and creating a beautiful piece of art. We absolutely love it couldn’t be happier with the final product. What a beautiful display in our dining room window. Thank you Amy!”

-Shirley W.

“I had a cabinet door in my kitchen with a glass insert with a clock in it.  The glass clock face was colorless and boring and the mechanism kept coming loose when opening and closing the door.  I was very tired of looking at it and needed a better alternative.  I found Paradise Custom Glass online and was very impressed with what I saw.  I met with Amy and she was so easy to work with.  We decided on elements I wanted included in the design and she drew up a few pictures and even modified them when I couldn’t make up my mind.  Once we decided on the design, the fun part was picking out the colors.  I went with some red to pick up the tones of the cherry wood door and a cream color to match my walls.  Amy created the insert and even attached it to the door frame for me.  Now it looks like a brand new kitchen and I am cheered up when I walk in there!  Amy is a real artist and professional and so easy to work with!!!  I recommend her highly!”

-Fran B.

“My husband and I knew we wanted to put in stain glass windows in our newly built home. I did a little research online and came up with Amy’s name. From the moment I contacted her I knew this was going to be the perfect fit. She listened to my wants and encouraged me to go online and look at stained glass windows that appealed to me. From start to finish it was an easy process and an enjoyable one. She knew immediately from what I saved on Pinterest the type of design that we liked and what she drew was just perfect! Amy is a true artist and an amazing person. I cannot recommend her highly enough. We are so grateful we found her and she completed our home in a way that brings us pleasure every day.”

— Gayle N.

“We got the tree safely home to my parents' place in upstate New York.  Before we went out to dinner, we gave her the tree, wrapped and secure in bubble wrap.  When she finally got it open, she immediately became enthralled, looking it over to see all of the names.  She said it was the perfect gift for her after she spent a few decades looking for a branch of her family that she knew existed but had never met until her search paid off.  She liked the design of the tree as well as the use of various shades of green for the leaves.  Her next task is to find a good place to hang it so people can see it.  She wants to put a light behind it eventually because of how translucent it is but just getting it on the wall is more important at the moment. This was the right gift at the right time for all the right reasons.“

—Jake W.

”I wanted to express my heartfelt thank you for the beautiful window.  It was such a pleasure working with you throughout the process.  I loved seeing and being a small part of your methodology throughout your creative process, from design to choosing glass, to seeing the finished window.  You have a true instinct for picking up on and guiding my choices making this a truly personal piece for me.  My obsession with aquatics is beautifully captured in this window.  Rich said it best when he first saw the window installed - he said it looks like “water sheeting off the glass in different colors and patterns” - totally capturing me.  I found myself standing in front of it periodically throughout the day to see the effects of the changing sun light.

I can’t adequately express my thanks except to reiterate how much we appreciate your talent and gift.”

—Dorothy & Rich S.

"Amy was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. Our first meeting was at our house and she gave us a lot of ideas and even brought a Victorian book which she left behind for inspiration. The design process was a lot of fun and she made it very interactive.  She left us with many different types and colors of glasses which we then picked out with our son and close family to make our window even more special. She is so talented and great to work with and we will definitely work with her again. We would highly recommend Amy to anyone for a stained glass project. Her passion, level of service and artistic talent was above and beyond anything we could have ever wished for!" 

--Ray & Kristy G.

"Amy created a transom for a door in our kitchen. We thought we'd be intimidated by the creative process but she made it fun and easy. She is creative, easy to work with and reliable. We keep looking around our house to try to find more spaces for stained glass!"

--Donna & Alan B.

"We renovated our kitchen and were looking for lampshades to give the area a pleasant and appealing look. At one of the street fairs we met Amy and asked if she would be able to create something unique and interesting. We exchanged ideas, worked on different versions of the design and before long the lampshades were ready. One of my concerns was that it is hard to see the final product when looking at raw materials: big sheets of stained glass, wire, and blueprints with design. But it worked out very well. Once you enter Amy's shop, there are a lot of options to chose from. Different types of material, design patterns. And what is important Amy is very flexible and tries hard to deliver a product that you will like. The lampshades look fabulous. Exactly what we were looking for. Many thanks for such a beautiful work of art!!"

--Oleg M. & Alexis S.

"Amy was great to work with from start to finish. My wife and I had a general idea for what we wanted for our front door and Amy nailed the design. Amy helped us review and select the various glass colors for the design and the final product was great! We are extremely happy and would recommend Amy to anyone looking for great stained glass!"

--Andy A.

"I have been living in my home for 36 years and always wanted a stain glass window for my stairway landing window. I went to an estate sale and saw a very pretty stain glass window. I met with Amy and we discussed what I liked. I began sending pictures of many stain glass windows to her. When we met for the second time she had sketched an awesome design of flowers & vines and we picked out colored glass. When Amy & her husband came to install my window I was so amazed  by this gorgeous piece of art she created. It is just absolutely perfect!"

-- Cathy A.

"I am delighted with the custom made stained glass window panel created by Amy. I knew I wanted a panel for my dining room window, and I knew I wanted to incorporate the White Rose of Yorkshire to honor my heritage. I also knew I liked 'symmetry'. Other than that, I had no idea what I wanted in terms of artistic representation! Amy was so wonderful at patiently guiding me through the process, offering ideas, listening to my thoughts, incorporating them and eventually coming up with an absolutely perfect design. I love the result and am so happy to have a unique window panel that has such special meaning. Amy is a true joy to work with, and I have no doubt that I will be asking her to create something else for me soon!"

--Julie B.

"Just a quick note to tell you how thrilled I am with our new sidelight window. It is gorgeous.

It isn't often that you go into a project knowing you want something but kind of unsure how to articulate it and how the individual decisions will come together for the final product...and somehow end up with exactly what you envisioned. I smile every time I walk by."

--Melissa L.

"When I started the project with Amy, I had a vague idea of what I wanted, but no more than that. After we sat down and went over some design concepts, the windows began to coalesce and become real in my mind. The collaborative process was a very rewarding thing to be part of and the end results were more than I could have hoped for. The two windows Amy did for me are very much focal points in my house design. Looking forward to another project in the future!"

-- Chris D.

"Amy did the most beautiful stained glass window that fit our home perfectly. She listened to me intently when I explained to her what I wanted. She saw my vision and made it a reality. She is patient, thoughtful, thorough and I will in a heartbeat, use her again in the future. She doesn't just create beautiful work but she is also a pleasure to work with. "

-- Vicky S.

"When my best friend's daughter was becoming a Bat Mitzvah, I wanted to get her a really meaningful gift.  My friend suggested a jewelry box, and I looked online for something that would feel really special.  As I explored various options, I came across Amy's website and remembered hearing about her work from friends.  I reached out to her and instantly felt that she would create something wonderful.  Instead of just making a cookie-cutter jewelry box, Amy wanted to know about my friend's daughter so that she could make something that would be personal.  She came up with several designs (all of which were beautiful) - I chose one, and then we picked colors and other details.  The final product is absolutely magnificent and my friend's daughter loves it.  It was a pleasure to work with Amy -  I can't wait to talk with her about other gifts!"   

--Jennifer B

"Working with Amy was a pleasure. Not only was the result a beautiful transom window we absolutely love, but we got a whole education in the process. Amy is talented, patient and kind and knows her craft well. And be sure to visit her studio, there are some great finds!"

- -Marjorie D.

"We had hired Amy to create a customized glass sculpture as a gift and the recipient is very thrilled with the creation. I would commission Amy again when the occasion arises."

--Stuart S.

"I just wanted to thank you again for the lovely stained glass box.  The bride and groom loved the gift.  I appreciate how you willingly worked with me as I figured out what I wanted to create and how carefully you tried to match the window in the church.  It came out great."

--Debbie M.

"When I decided I wanted to add some stained glass to my home, Paradise Glass was recommended to me through a friend.  From the beginning of the design process, Amy was always ready to listen to my ideas and also to incorporate her own.  She is very easy to communicate with, and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of creating a piece of stained glass that was unique to my own.

Once we settled on the design and colors of the glass, the process to have the windows made and installed was very timely.  The first time I saw the windows, I couldn't believe how beautiful they were!  It was so nice to be involved in the process from start to finish, and I can't wait to work with Amy again!"

--Lisa M.

"During a recent bathroom expansion and renovation project, I had the opportunity to incorporate a stained glass window into the new space.  I met with Amy Brooks, knowing of her reputation as a glasswork artist through the Metuchen arts community.

Based on my initial vision for the window, Amy created a mockup and left me with some colored glass pieces to play around with while the bathroom was under construction.  Along the way we met again and agreed that the initial design was too busy for the space.

With Amy's encouragement, I sketched an alternative design incorporating nature and my appreciation for landscapes, and more in line with retaining a clean, simple approach, which ultimately became the final piece.  The installation was also handled with great care.

I really enjoyed the creative and collaborative process.  It is a beautiful window."

--Bob D.

"Your stained glass window is the perfect centerpiece for our new kitchen.   Through your artistry and craftsmanship, you gave us everything we wanted- beauty, color, and a little privacy from our neighbors.  And in addition, you made the process fun.  Thanks again...hope to work together again soon."

--Melinda A.

"Amy designed a personalized jewelry box for my mother to honor my grandmother who passed.  Amy was so pleasant to work with and the box came out beautiful.  It was exactly what I had hoped for and my mother loved it."  

-- Leigh H.

"They arrived this morning and I was so excited I dropped everything to open the package!  We ABSOLUTELY love them!  Thank you so much!"

-- Becca A., Leo's Restaurant

"Thanks Amy for our beautiful stained glass window!  Amy worked with us thought the entire process, including developing the design, choosing the different color and texture glass, and fabrication into the finished product that now looks wonderful in our home.  If you have a chance, stop by Amy's studio so she can show you the techniques used to make these works of art."

-- Tom & Nancy M.

"Thank you so, so much for the amazing gifts.   Everything was just stunning.  I can't even begin to pick a favorite.   I think the whole family assumed the windows were long gone so they were stunned to see that what was a broken and forgotten old window was now brand new boxes and wall hangings.  The cuff links were a special, added bonus.  I really appreciate you taking on this project.  I know your heart was fully into it.  It really showed in the breathtaking results.  What was thought to be garbage has been re-purposed into breathtaking and memory holding keepsakes for many generations to come."  

--Jamie G.

"Just a quick note to let you know how thrilled all my gift recipients were with your wonderful glass creations.  Without exception, they were the best gifts of the season."

-- Helene Z.

"We are really happy with how they came out and are enjoying seeing how the different season's light plays on the windows and the colors they make in the house.   Thanks for helping us put these together.  You were really patient and expertly guided us through the creative process, coming up with more than just a window but a piece of art."  

--Ed & Michelle M.

"Our new home came with sidelights in the entrance way equipped with clear glass.  We wanted a way to increase privacy and hit upon the idea of installing stained glass.  Amy was very professional, a pleasure to work with, and sensitive to our personal style.  She corresponded with us frequently so that we remained comfortable every step of the way.  The designs she composed for us were beyond our expectations and showed her versatility and talent as an artist.  The end result was truly spectacular!"

-- David & Tonya J.

"It was wonderful to work with you and wow what a fabulous piece. Thanks for all your dedication to your craft and the beauty you create."

-- Susannah T.

"I am so impressed with the jewelry box that you transformed for us!  This family keepsake has so much meaning to me.  You have taken a treasure and made into a gift for my daughter to cherish from her beloved Aunt Lu.  The finished product is so much better than I expected.  You captured my vision perfectly!  I cannot wait to give her this gift at the birth of her baby!  I’ll be sure to send a photo to you next May!  Thanks again!"

-- Kelly B.

"Wow!  I love it!  This bracelet is magic!"

-- Stephen B. 

"As Metuchen residents we've been wanting to get Amy's stained glass in our home for years.  Her work is just beautiful!  After waiting to make some renovations in our home we finally found the right spot.  She patiently guided us through her process resulting in a beautiful piece of art work.  

The first day after Amy had finished the installation it seemed the sun knew that we had our window up and that it was shining it's brightest in a long time.  The window looked rich and just sparkled!  I couldn't stop looking at it.  It seemed like it had always been there.  It's in our dining room in a special place for more quiet times for prayer and reflection.  Amy subtely weaved in an ancient Christian motif to add to our reflections.   

How lucky it is to be in a town with an artist as Amy.  It's so easy to be able to enrich our lives in this way.  We have some ideas up our sleeves for our next project!!!

Thank you Amy for adding more color to our lives."

--Nancy and Mike C.

"We got it-- it looks great!  I gave it to my husband this morning-- couldn't wait another day and he loved it.  It was a great gift to the both of us."  

--Elizabeth L.

"We had a basement window done by Amy and could not be any more pleased.  Before we had a view of car tires... now we have a work of art.  She was very professional and listened to what we wanted.  We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for stained glass art."

-- Jim and Steph P.

"We asked Amy to create leaded glass panels for our kitchen to match some existing panels in our dining room.  They came out perfectly!   Couldn't be happier!"

-- Michele C.

"We love our stained glass windows!  The neighbors have noticed and say how beautiful they are.  Thanks again for your beautiful work!"

--Patti T.

"We met Amy when she entered her work "Transformations" in ArtPrize 2012 in Grand Rapids, MI.  Her 75 beautiful butterflies hung in our lobby for 3 weeks.  It drew so many compliments and a number of people suggested we buy it... Being a restaurant that specializes in fresh fish and seafood, we decided to ask Amy to make some fish.  When we received our order of 24 glass fish (and friends including a lobster, sea horse, Nemo, and shark), opening the individually wrapped pieces was like Christmas morning.  They all came ready to hang. 

Amy is amazingly creative and she has been a pleasure to work with.  I made sure to have Amy include some business cards with the order as I am sure our fishies will draw a great deal of interest and I am more than happy to recommend her!"

- Becca A., Leo's Restaurant

"What a gorgeous window!!!!!!  We both LOVE it!!!  And you were a pleasure to work with."

- Debra F.

"I worked with Amy to create some pieces to hang in my windows.  The final product was beautiful and the cost was reasonable.  Amy was a pleasure to work with and each piece was custom made to my specifications.  Great job!"

-Marci B.

"Just wanted to send you a thank you, again, for Brayden's beautiful name plate.  It was a great hit at the birthday party and everyone loved it.  Even my big, burly son's eyes welled up with tears when he saw it.  Thank you, again, for making Brayden's 1st birthday so special."

-JoAnn A.

At Christmas, last year, I received a beautiful striped fused glass bowl that sits beside my computer where I work.  This colorful accent piece has moved around my home and sometimes holds candy for me.  I prefer to keep it where I can see it daily.  The colors are bold and unexpected and perfectly lovely!

-Gretchen B.