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Recently I had the pleasure of creating a stained glass family tree as a gift for my client’s adorable mom on her 70th birthday. Take a look at my blog posts from December 6, 2018 & February 22, 2019 for the backstory. This is a photo he took of her with it and what he shared with me about how she reacted to the gift:

“Before we went out to dinner, we gave her the tree, wrapped and secure in bubble wrap.  When she finally got it open, she  immediately became enthralled, looking it over to see all of the names.  She said it was the perfect gift for her after she spent a few decades looking for a branch of her family that she knew existed but had never met until her search paid off.  She liked the design of the tree as well as the use of various shades of green for the leaves…This was the right gift at the right time for all the right reasons.”

I love creating personalized gifts for people to give; happy feelings all around!